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Monday, March 27, 2017


Hola hola chicas como estan?! Yo estoy mas que contenta de por fin poder ejecutar una idea que me habia venido dando vueltas por varios meses y por una u otra razón no podia trabajar en ella. 
Si como yo, son amantes de los bolsos, estoy mas que segura que muchas veces se encuentran en el mismo dilema que yo. Me refiero a que nuestro amor a los bolsos nos lleva a tener más de uno en nuestro armario, y quisiéramos poder usar todos a la vez, sin embargo, el cambio de bolso a diario, aunque es una opción, no es lo más práctico. 
Por esta razón es que quiero incorporar a este blog más posts como el de hoy, en donde les doy ideas de una semana de looks, todos concentrados en un solo bolso. Así podemos al menos tener la opción de cambiar nuestro bolso cada semana. Espero que este tipo de post les guste y los disfruten ya que a pesar de que me llevará  más tiempo crearlos los hago con mucho gusto! 
No olviden dejar en los comentarios estilos de bolsos y colores que les gustaría ver en los próximos posts! Gracias por pasar y disfruten la semana! 

Hello ladies how are you?! I am very excited because finally I was able to accomplish an idea I've had since months ago but for some reason I was not able to work on it. If you are like me and love handbags, you might have have also faced the same concerns as I. I am talking about about the fact that because we love handbags we probably owe more than one and we would love to wear them all at the same time, however despite the fact that changing handbags  daily is an option, that is definitely not practical. 
For this reason I would like to incorporate in this blog more posts like today's, which would give you outfit ideas wearing the same handbag for a week. This way we can at least have the option to change bags every week. I hope you like these kind of posts! Don't forget to leave me in the comments what styles and colors you would like to see in the blog. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your week! 








  1. First of all,I was very hesitant to buy online and was skeptical after purchasing as I had read positive reviews online.But when I received this dress lace blue dress, it did not let me disappointed.

  2. Very cute bag! I love how you have paired it with so many different looks. Your leopard print flats are so cute. I love how you've mixed the bag with casual and dressed up looks.

  3. A mi me gusta el color del bolso! Que chulo! Creo que mi día favorito es el jueves.

  4. I have to say first of all, I want that handbag of yours!! It is so amazing!! I love how you have styled your outfit x

  5. i cant understand spanish but fashion is a global language. love your colour combinations!

    1. Yes, I always try to translate... but yes you're right... Fashion a global language :)

  6. All of these outfits look great with this bag. I'm so guilty of always wanting a new bag and have to remind myself that I don't need so many :) I love your top in the Saturday look.

  7. I love finding pieces I can wear in several different ways! That bag is definitely the perfect item to do just that. Love all of your looks!

  8. I love how you styled yourself in all of the outfits!! Loving the bag too

  9. oops! for some reason im coming up as Unknown but that was my comment above! lol "I love how you styled yourself in all of the outfits!! Loving the bag too"

  10. One of my fashion rules is to own versatile pieces only, and I could tell that bag is one of them! Love it!

  11. I absolutely love this bag and I think you did such a great job styling it with so many different types of outfits!

  12. I just love the bag. O like the Complete idea of styling that you have taken into account.