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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tres formas de combinar cardigans// Three ways to wear a cardigan

Hola hola chicas, como están? Espero que se encuentren muy bien! El día de hoy les traigo tres looks combinando unos cardigans. Cada look tiene estilos diferentes y utilizo tres diferentes cardigans. También he creado un video donde pueden ver las fotos de este post. Led dejo el link al video en la parte final del post! Espero que les guste! Gracias por pasar! 

Hello hello, how are you? I hope everything is going just fine! For today's post I have created three different looks wearing cardigans. I have also created a video where you can see the pictures of this post. I will leve the link at the end of this post. Hope you like it! 
Thanks for stopping by! 

Link para el video! 
Here is the video! 


  1. You make cardigans look so chic! All of these things outfits would work amazing in my workplace.

  2. Love it! Love all the looks...U make cardigans look unique and chic!!!
    I love the second one the most....coz that is kinda my style :) I really love the top and the statement necklace of the third one. Looks fabulous on u.

  3. Cardigans are probably one of my must-haves! I can't live without a long cardi in spring and fall, wear it over anything!

    xo, Tanya

  4. I love how your style is so classy and chic. I used to own a ton of cardigans, but now I only have two! I really like the one you are wearing and think it is time for me to get a new one! :)

  5. wow this is amazing!!! xxxx Three different looks seem like they all have they own concept xx Loved your idea of wearing the outer with several diff mood! xxxx

  6. I absolutely love that last outfit! It's so pretty and classy, and you could wear it for so many occasions!

    Kelly // Velvet and Vibranium